Jeremy BaronetJeremy Baronet - Parks Manager

I was once told that a professional is anyone who gets paid to do what they love. I have a job that gives me the chance to express my creativity and passion for snowboarding...designing features, building parks, and being able to snowboard every day of the week are just a few of the benefits I get to enjoy. I’ve been a park builder for 6 of the 15 years I’ve been riding. During that time I’ve met numerous people in the industry who share the same love for the sport. Everything from sunny days to bad weather, fresh pow runs to perfectly groomed jumps, exploring new mountains to repeating the same two runs...there is always fun to be had when you love what you do. Eat.Sleep.Ride.



Dan Schwartz


Dan Schwartz

Snowboarding for 16 years. Working Park Crew for 5 years now. Always had an interest in building jumps as a kid. From riding the local golf courses in my hometown in NH, to shredding the gnar gnar in NZ. I live to snowboard, especially moon light shreds down fresh cord. Learn it, live it, love it.

more coming... stay tuned!