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Respect for the splendor and wellbeing of our mountain environment is a guiding value of owners Tim & Diane Mueller and is instilled and embraced by all of the staff. Evidence of this is pervasive when one explores Jackson Gore at Okemo Mountain Resort. The Mueller’s knew when they embarked on creating their newest offering of mountain homes that the architecture had to both meld into the rural farm and woodland setting and to carefully take into consideration its environmental impacts on the dramatic Black River Valley. State-of-the-art technology, thoughtful planning, and the cooperation of a dedicated team of consultants, architects, and builders have insured our resort’s minimal environmental footprint. Jackson Gore embodies this ethic by:

  • Consulting Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) principles during planning and construction;
  • Protecting sensitive and valuable wildlife habitats of the property through buffers from development, extensive monitoring, and offsetting affected areas by preserving adjacent prime land holdings for dedicated green spaces and conservation;
  • Using innovative collection and treatment systems to protect our mountain streams and rivers from stormwater pollution;
  • Installing water conserving fixtures in all residences and public areas to minimize the resorts demand for groundwater resources;
  • Partnering with Vermont’s energy efficiency utility, Efficiency Vermont, to install building systems and lighting that in the Adams, Bixby, and Spring Houses together save an 654,784 kWH per year;
  • Taking advantage of pioneering and resource conserving building materials such as cellulose insulation that is made from recycled newspaper; and
  • Working to continue the expansion of recycling services to reduce waste generated by the resort.
Okemo Mountain Resort understands a healthy environment is essential to the vitality of our way of life here in the mountains of Vermont.
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